The foundations of the high-tech economy

The ICT ecosystem at Politecnico di Milano has promoted the birth of a novel institution specifically targeted to the promotion of ICT research, technology transfer and innovation: the ICT Institute.
The ICT Institute includes the DEI, the School of Information Engineering, the CEFRIEL Consortium for ICT innovation and spin-off companies with the goal of covering the entire path from basic research to product/service prototyping and technology transfer.
Within the ICT Institue, members play complementary roles: DEI is committed to cutting edge research five to ten years ahead of current practice, while Consortium and spin-offs cover the next steps towards product/service demonstration and delivery.

The ICT Institute is the instrument to:

The ICT Institute started in 2010 a series of cross-disciplinary seminars on leading-edge research topics. Aim of this series is to create opportunities at an international level for discussions for both the academic and industrial world.
Following the successful events of 2011 with Zeilinger, Tempo, Goldberg and Dorigo as speakers, a new series is planning for 2012

Now available the ICT Institute Seminars videos on YouTube DEI Channel.